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Welcome to our Web Site

We hope that you have lots of fun looking through the pages that we have created and the fun stuff we have found on the internet.


Colouring Pages

Colouring pictures for you to print out and colour.


Lots of fun links to our favourite web sites and games.

Kids Craft

Links to our favourite crafty things to do.

Favourite Characters

Links to our favourite crafty things to make and games to play.

Dora The Explorer

Strawberry Shortcake

Party Ideas

Have fun planning an decorating your very own special theme party.


Mem Fox

Hear Mem read aloud

Duncan Ball

Selby web site


Have fun making these yummy treats for your lunchboxes.

Project Themes

Links to great sites for school projects.

Mini Beasts


Christmas is just around the corner so here are some fun activities, games and recipes for you and you're whole family to enjoy!.


NSW Foundation Handwriting

More coming soon! More coming soon!


Why I Started This Web Site

My children all love to play on the internet, but they were constantly calling me to find their favourite websites and games for them, especially the younger ones. So I began this website for them to easily navigate their way to their favourite sites. It started with just the links section to begin with and slowly grew from there.

I put the link on the desktop where they could find it easily. Once they opened that link all their favourite web sites were right there, with easily identifiable pictures to take them where they wanted to go.

Since then we have added some colouring pages where the kids can print up their own pictures, and some craft pages with themed craft ideas and links :)

We hope that you and your children enjoy Our Little Space on the Net :)

Attention Mums!!!

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